Buttonwood Art Space : The Art

The Visions of the Flint Hills Show will be on display from October 2nd, 2017 through November 17th, 2017 at Buttonwood Art Space at 3013 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64108.

Diane Barker, President of Friends of Konza Prairie, states, “That three-fold mission of research, education, and conservation is vitally important, but you can't really understand the passion that drives those activities until you see the art the Flint Hills inspires. When an artist hauls canvas, paint and an easel out to paint a stretch of grass and sky, an intimacy is created that takes on a life of its own. When a photographer chases a fire at night to catch the bright necklace circling a hill, that devotion to capturing how people relate to their land enriches our understanding. This is a great show because it celebrates not only beauty but an enduring dependence all people have on the place that shelters and feeds them. Come celebrate this unique landscape and help us protect it for future generations.”
Award Winners

Best of Show - "Land Verse 2" by Vicki Johnston 
Painting: 1st Place - "Prairie" by AK Dayton
Painting: 2nd Place - "Flint Hills" by Shelley Hull
Painting: 3rd Place - "Cottonwoods in Tallgrass" by Thomas Maakestad
Photography: 1st Place - "Flint Hills Memories" by Mark Dierker 
Photography: 2nd Place - "Loading Chute" by Bruce Hogle
Photography: 3rd Place - "Snowy Staredown" by Barb Van Slyke
3-D: 1st Place - "Winter Fenceline" by Judy Willingham
3-D: 2nd Place - "Prairie Wave" by Vicki Johnston 
3-D: 3rd Place - "Dry Bones" by Donald Lind
Other: 1st Place - "The Valley" by Marti Dodge
Other: 2nd Place - "Torches for Reclamation" by Susan & Tom Hoisington 
Other: 3rd Place - "Seasons in the Flint Hills" by Linda Davies