Artist Profile: Nan Renbarger


sunflowers at sunsetTitle: sunflowers at sunset

Medium:Mixed Media

Size:5" x 7"


flowers at sunriseTitle: flowers at sunrise

Medium:Mixed Media

Size:8" x 8"

Price:$95.00 ***SOLD***

Nan Renbarger

577 E 300 Rd.
Overbrook, KS 66524

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I was born and raised in Topeka but escaped it’s conservative clutches in 1968, landing in liberal Lawrence to go to school at KU. Next thing I knew, I was wrapped up in artistic expression in the form of a wholegrain bakery. That earth tone palette morphed into vibrant color schemes used in fiberscapes—on and off the wall art, bags, vessels, and clothing. I color most of my fabrics by dyeing, painting, printing, stenciling, stamping, and stitching. Spontaneity is precious to me as I am inspired by the world around me that is anything but static. As I follow my nose…my heart…my intuition up and down garden paths, trails, country roads, byways, and thought waves, my creative juices flow through my fingers onto the physical plane via fibers of every description.