Artist Profile: Georgia Washington


HeartStringsTitle: HeartStrings


Size:12" x 12"



Floral VaseTitle: Floral Vase

Medium:Mixed Media

Size:12" x 15"


Georgia Washington

421 Parallel Ave
Kansas City, KS 66101

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I am a shy person, a worry bug at times even. I care most about my family, taking care of my body, health needs, and my financial responsibilities. Making art is a new challenge because I’ve haven’t done art since high school. I’m learning something new by using my imagination and expanding on things instead of always trying to simplify them. Art takes my mind off my worries, helps me see new options, and helps me build my confidence. Every time I’m given a new project, I start out thinking, “I can’t do that,” but then I give it a try, and I’m always amazed at how it turns out. I enjoy learning from the other artists in the class, and I hope I also encourage and build up others.