Artist Profile: Denny Dlabal

Denny Dlabal

6518 Hedge Lane Ter Apt 102
Shawnee, KS 66226

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I grew up in Manhattan, KS and have always enjoyed drawing since I was a child. As I grew older I started to develop an interest in music and eventually pursued a Master's in Music in Theory and Composition. Over the years I have maintained my interest in the visual arts and eventually learned how to paint with oils. I later tried painting in acrylics and recently began painting using watercolor and gouache. When playing music one of the things I enjoy is improvisation and I immediately learned how to play jazz and pursued it in depth when studying for my undergraduate degree at Berklee College of Music. I like to apply this same concept of using improvisation to my artwork. I like to draw and paint from my imagination and I don't like copying from anything. This is in contrast to how I used to draw as a child. When I was a child I spent much of my time trying to find a picture and then try to make my drawing look exactly like the picture. When improvisation is used in painting you end up taking a bit of a risk because you are not exactly sure how it is going to turn out. But I really enjoy laying some colors down and then imagining what I see next in the painting, letting it evolve as I paint. Sometimes I see a river, sometimes I see a fence, or a hill, or a valley. I believe my mid-western background has influenced my art and hopefully it touches the hearts and souls of those viewing it.