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Carl Damico

10596 hauser
overland park, KS 66215

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I am a Scenic Detailed Colorist that works primarily with pen and ink, liquid acrylic, water color and some colored pencil. My inspiration for my drawings comes from my own Amateur Photography. I am a kind of mix between a Realist and a Expressionist in my interpretations of my scenic displays. I seek to use colors that I feel dictates the mood of a picture more than its realism and I layer them on top of each other until I feel that they have reached their highest potential. I have been an Artist for the better part of fifty years. I have displayed my work in several local shows in the past but have avoided Art fairs, and First Friday's and other commercial gatherings for my own personal reasons. I have a Facebook account that I display a lot of my Photography and some of my drawings but for the most part I display it through local Restaurants and other venues. Carl D'Amico on Facebook also has a lot of my own work that I primarily share with friends. My work is very unique in that it was develop by me over the years by using a mixture of acrylics, inks and water colors on paper and exploiting how they both blend and repel each other. A dried acrylic does not draw in the color of some inks and some inks when dried allows watercolor to flow in the open spaces of paper without causing the ink to smear. I have found a way to work with three or four different color mediums that allow each to be a different and unique to its own form and yet blend together with the other mediums to bring about the wholeness of the expression I am aiming for as well as giving a real density of color. Carl D'Amico ph. 913-271-9610 email