Artist Profile: Leanne Russell


Junkanoo BlessingTitle: Junkanoo Blessing

Medium:Mixed Media

Size:18" x 36"


Leanne Russell

P.O. Box CB-11450
Nassau, MO 00000

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Leanne Russell was born and grew up on the small island of Green Turtle Cay, in The Abacos. A product of “cay life,” she was raised in an enclave where ideologies differ drastically form anywhere else in the Bahamas. As an artist she approaches subject matter with the goal of conveying this same beautiful naiveté. With a diversified background in fine art, fashion and marketing, Leanne has always been driven by an intrinsic creative fibre. Forgoing the pursuit of art at a secondary level, she opted to study finance and marketing at St. Mary’s University. However, she never abandoned the passion that she had for art and worked consistently on commissions for private collections while earning her degree. As a self-taught painter, Leanne has developed her own style, incorporating a mixture of watercolor, oil and acrylic techniques. Most recently, she has focused on merging her love of fine art and fashion in a series of collaborative projects with Bahamian fashion photographers and designers.