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The Artistic SAXTitle: The Artistic SAX

Medium:Mixed Media

Size:40" x 16"



FashionistaTitle: Fashionista

Medium:Mixed Media

Size:48" x 24"



Drummer's VortexTitle: Drummer's Vortex

Medium:Mixed Media

Size:36" x 36"


Natosha Keefer

4619 Campbell St. Apt# 1 South
Kansas City, MO 64110

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"I find inspiration, peace and passion through my creative process. Textures and colors blend magically together to form unique paintings." "Several of my paintings were done in front of an audience accompanied by live music. I feel a real connection with music and painting. This is a natural expression for me with my background in dance." "My work captures a moment in time. My paintbrush dances to the rhythm of the moment. This energy flows from within and cascades onto the canvas. I hope to engage the observer in a visual dialogue about significant moments through my expressive interpretations of these events."