Artist Profile: Gregory Bilek


Power of the WarchiefTitle: Power of the Warchief


Size:36" x 48"



FireBirdTitle: FireBird


Size:24" x 36"


Gregory Bilek

720 Main Street apt. 321
kansas city, MO 64105

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My name is Gregory Jordan Bilek and I’m a Kansas City artist who works primarily with acrylics on canvas. I strive to capture exciting and wild energy within my artwork and I enjoy creating at a large scale so that I can establish excitement within the space that my artwork exists. While I do enjoy working on canvases, I do intend to have mural work be a large part of my future business. I’ve always enjoyed the large scale viewing experience of artwork and I love the energy that well designed street art can bring to a city and I want to help contribute to the development of good street art in the Kansas City area, and eventually the world! While I do love painting, I do also enjoy sketching in my free time since it is an important early stage to all of my bigger projects. When getting inspiration for my artwork, I look to my roots in street art, anime, contemporary art, concept/videogame art, and nature. I also try to implement philosophy so that my artwork’s meaning can inspire the viewers to see life in a more exciting and expressive manner.