"The Great War Centennial Military History Exhibition"
September 7th through September 28th, 2018


The exhibit features World War I military history of the regions of Europe that became Czechoslovakia in 1918. The lands of Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia (part of the then collapsing Austro-Hungarian empire) originally sent troops to fight as members of the empire. Large numbers of Czechs and Slovaks defected on the Russian front and formed the Czechoslovak Legion. The Legion fought during the war on the allied side in pursuit of an independent Czechoslovakia. The exhibit is comprised of 20 art panels that relate to the formation of Czechoslovakia in 1918. The panels were prepared by historians from the Czech Military History Institute and the Slovak Academy of Science Historic Department. 

This exhibit is sponsored by the Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic, Sharon Valasek, and Honorary Consul of the Slovak Republic, Ross P. Marine, and the Czech & Slovak Club of Greater Kansas City.

Stay tuned for more details! 


CHEKLIONLOGO_2009.png   Slovakia-Coat_of_Arms.png